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It is important that you give us correct and current information so that we are able to make appropriate arrangements to care for your child. If any details change please inform us immediately.

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    There may not be a place available at the time you require. Do you wish for your child to be put on a nursery waiting list? If yes the nursery manager will contact you when a place does become available.

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    The health and safety of all the children are of fundamental importance. We aim to provide a secure and pleasant environment for everyone. We practice a whole range of safety policies and procedures. Your child is allocated a ‘Key Person’ within their room, who is responsible for your child’s well being, ensuring your child feels individual, secure and cherished while they are away from home.
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    Our team
    Our team are committed to providing the highest standards of professional childcare and education. Before beginning employment, all staff are thoroughly vetted in accordance with OFSTED requirements. Our team are dedicated to giving your child the individual attention to develop their social, emotional and intellectual development.
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    We have an extensive number of policies in place, all of which can be seen in the Nursery Entrance Hall. We are regularly inspected by Environmental Health and OFSTED. We endeavor to ensure that all staff practices remain in line with the current best practice.
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